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はたけ カカシ

Hatake Kakashi

15 September
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English teacher at NINJA HIGH
Currently Dean of Students and Acting Principal of ninja_high

OOC Journal= draggycakes

Kakashi is one of the longest-serving staff members of Ninja High. Once head of the English department, he gave it up to take over the roll of Dean after the former one left. Somebody has to watch over those kids, and cause them grief, right?
Soon after this, the principal also disappeared so he took it on himself to also that the position until somebody suitable came along to fill in the roll of Ninja High Prinicpal.

Unfortunately nobody has done this yet, and having to deal with these stupid brats wonderful students all day every day has worn away at him- For someone who was hard working and calm, he longer really cares if you all graduate, or if you even survive, because nursing one of Tsunade's old bottles of sake as he reads Jiraiya's latest novel is much more interesting D:

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